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TiePoint-bkm Engineering, LLC

Exceptional Engineering | Uncompromising Service

TiePoint-bkm Engineering, LLC was formed by the 2015 merger of TiePoint Engineering, LLC, PC (established 1994) and BKM-MCF (established in 2007 as the mission critical facilities division of a full-service mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (m/e/p) engineering firm Burdette, Koehler, Murphy & Associates, Inc.). TiePoint-bkm is highly respected for meeting customer needs by designing data centers that balance high-availability, efficiency and the total cost of ownership. We provides consulting engineering services for the most discerning customers. TiePoint-bkm enjoys a hard-earned reputation for exceptional engineering, uncompromising service and the passionate pursuit of high-availability. Learn more about:

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A Partner for the Life of Your Data Center. From concept through construction, and long after the contractors have left, TiePoint-bkm customers rely on the firm as a knowledgeable, trusted and reliable partner throughout the data center’s lifecycle.

Senior-Level Commitment & Involvement. TiePoint-bkm has become the engineer of choice among its Fortune 500 customer base by continuously delivering top-tier, senior-level talent to all projects - at all times.

Passion: Passion is the foundation upon which the TiePoint-bkm process is built. From the onset of a relationship, TiePoint-bkm first dedicates itself to gaining a thorough understanding of each client’s goals and objectives. Then, TiePoint-bkm meticulously engineers a data center that meets these objectives.

Based on this senior-level involvement, exceptional engineering and the passionate pursuit of high-availability, TiePoint-bkm is the force behind today’s best performing data centers.