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Triangle Icon More than half of critical systems failures result from human error - even when redundant systems and components are in place. There are a number of initiatives that can help dramatically reduce human-error related systems failures, such as the development of strategic Facilities staff plans and annual objectives, and the creation and validation of comprehensive operating procedures. However, the process cannot stop there.

Perhaps the most crucial link in the path to maximum uptime is the implementation of rigorous site-specific training programs. Only through a systematic approach to staff training and repetitive practice, will confidence, competence and courage-under-fire be instilled in the facilities team, and risk of downtime be substantially mitigated.

TiePoint-bkm helps clients define a repetitive in-house training program utilizing site-specific procedures as the primary content. Individual staff members are rotated into the “hands-on” role for all scheduled PM activities that involve risk (such as system transfers). The most knowledgeable staff member will serve as the “trainer” as another staff member is provided the opportunity to actually perform the scheduled task. Over time, each team member has the opportunity to learn and practice each of the scheduled system transfer activities.

To provide experience in emergency response scenarios, classroom sessions and hands-on practice for individuals are scheduled monthly. Procedures are again utilized as content, in addition to a systems overview. The 1 to 2 hour classroom session is provided for the entire staff. Hands-on practice (or simulation) is conducted for pairs of technicians by the designated trainer.

TiePoint-bkm typically delivers each training program as a strategy, followed by facilitation of the initial 3 to 4 training sessions, performed while training a designated individual from the client’s staff to continue the program’s implementation.

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